Grimme Online Award - Nominiert 2022

The fifth Wall : Navina Sundaram
An insider's outside view or
an outsider's inside view

  • Alienation, estrangement, defamiliarization, rootless and free, rooted and entangled, naivety/diversity, dual perspective, infinite boundaries blurred. All role-playing. Creating identities? Perhaps I should get myself a completely new identity, a reconstruction, freely invented from imaginary memories of here and there and put together with gentle ironies.

    Navina Sundaram, 1988

  • Navina Sundaram learned of the nomination of our archive, which opens up her life’s work from the public archives, for the Grimme Online Award 2022 a few days before she passed away. We - and she - regard this project as a model for future archival practice. Such practice comprehends the archive as a space that depicts (media) history not as a narrative of domination, but as a network of the most diverse - also contradictory - historical narratives that generate resonances in the present day.

  • Navina Sundaram im Interview

  • Brief von Navina Sundaram, Ausschnitt
  • Navina Sundaram im Studio
  • “The Fifth Wall” comprises films, reportages, moderations, texts, letters and photos by filmmaker and editor Navina Sundaram spanning over 40 years of her work in public television. Designed as a digital biography of her work and modelled on a media library, the archive is structured thematically.

  • Ausschnitt aus Beitrag von Navina Sundaram
  • Sourced from ARD archives as well as Sundaram’s private archive, “The Fifth Wall” is a curated look at German migration and media history. Navina Sundaram is the prime focus as an author who takes a journalistic stance: on internationalism and decolonisation, class issues, racism, immigration, Indian and German politics.