Grimme Online Award - Nominiert 2022

The fifth Wall : Navina Sundaram
An insider's outside view or
an outsider's inside view

  • Alienation, estrangement, defamiliarization, rootless and free, rooted and entangled, naivety/diversity, dual perspective, infinite boundaries blurred. All role-playing. Creating identities? Perhaps I should get myself a completely new identity, a reconstruction, freely invented from imaginary memories of here and there and put together with gentle ironies.

    Navina Sundaram, 2008

  • Workspace Relaunch December 2023: The workspace of this archive is a growing, multilingual digital space for work and encounters. Here you will find accompanying texts on the archive and those that have emerged from it, curatorial drafts and pedagogical offers. These are aimed at teachers, university lecturers or trainers, for example in anti-discrimination, migration policy or decolonisation.

  • Navina Sundaram im Interview

  • Brief von Navina Sundaram, Ausschnitt
  • Navina Sundaram im Studio
  • “The Fifth Wall” comprises films, reportages, moderations, texts, letters and photos by filmmaker and editor Navina Sundaram spanning over 40 years of her work in public television. Designed as a digital biography of her work and modelled on a media library, the archive is structured thematically.

  • Ausschnitt aus Beitrag von Navina Sundaram
  • Sourced from ARD archives as well as Sundaram’s private archive, “The Fifth Wall” is a curated look at German migration and media history. Navina Sundaram is the prime focus as an author who takes a journalistic stance: on internationalism and decolonisation, class issues, racism, immigration, Indian and German politics.