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Fr., 01.12.2023
Rubaica Jaliwala
Rubaica Jaliwala

Dr. Rubaica Jaliwala, educationalist and intercultural trainer, has exclusively developed five “thematic archival walks” through the archive “The Fifth Wall” for the launch of the international version in India in April 2023. Since 2003, Jaliwala has been a trainer, facilitator and consultant for interdisciplinary, interactive workshops. Combining theory and practice, she teaches intercultural learning and diversity management, racism prevention, sustainable development and equality and human rights.

The digital archive, The Fifth Wall, is a treasure trove of material comprising films, reportages, texts, letters, photos, which is a tremendous resource to discuss themes of interculturality and diversity, gender, racism and migration and to explore strategies to transform hierarchies.

Theses thematic walks are just examples of how the archive can be used for educational purposes. Accordingly, the sessions, process and flow of the thematic walk can be adapted to different settings, contexts and target groups. The programmes below can be made interdisciplinary by presenting the archival material within a theoretical framework and using an interactive training methodology.


Thematic Walk on Decolonisation:


Thematic Walk on Gender:


Thematic Walk on Migration and Racism:


Thematic Walk on Migration and Media ethics:


Thematic Walk on Cultural Transfer: